Drum teacher Diego Mocci – drumleraar Diego Mocci

By: Fred Händl

Drum lessons by Diego Mocci

Are you looking for a drum teacher with all the live experience you expect from a drummer? And do you live in Utrecht or Amsterdam, or are you willing to travel? Please take a moment and let Diego introduce himself to you. Please contact him directly with questions or inquiries.

Drumles van Diego Mocci

Als je op zoek bent naar een drummer die alle live-ervaring heeft die je van een drummer verwacht? Woon je in Utrecht of Amsterdam, of vind je het niet erg om een stukje te reizen voor je lessen? Lees dan verder en maak kennis met Diego Mocci. Neem voor vragen en/of inlichten rechtstreeks contact met hem op.

Diego PortraitMy name is Diego Mocci, born in Sardinia, Italy, moved early on as a youngster to Copenhagen, Denmark where I studied music and toured extensively. I have being living in The Netherlands for some ten years now.

I have been playing the drums as a main instrument for about 25 years. This includes much experience in playing widely different styles of music as  Rock, Punk, Pop, Psychedelic, Electronic,Jazz, R&B, Reggae, Hardcore and Metal.

Live experiences range from playing clubs, to festivals and very intensive
international touring, sometimes over a long weekend other times up till 2 months time. I have been performing for at least 1.000 times in live settings(concerts), and recorded, as a drummer, several records in professional recording studios.

Some of the professional bands I worked with include,

  • Atomic Workers(UK)
  • Vibravoid(D)
  • Lords Of Altamont(US)
  • ]SubwooferTestingDays(NL)
  • WorkingVoodooClub(NL)
  • Bambix(NL), Handel(NL)
  • and currently Zappatika (NL)

My teaching method

From children to adults,beginners to advanced…

Diego ConcertI consider teaching and passing the knowledge very important, challenging and much rewarding at the same time. My teaching system differs, depending on the student: since no individuals are the same, I stress the importance of having a reasonable plan, after having evaluated the students’ level, experience on the instrument, favorite music styles and what he/she would like to achieve.

The system is not only based in learning from books (in order to build a “vocabulary”), but also and especially in using the books as a starting point, after which the student will be shown how to think creatively in a musical contest, and come up with his/her own rhythmic ideas, instead of just
memorizing and copying.

I consider having an original/independent voice on the instrument, as a true measure of musical competency.

Lessons take place in Utrecht (center, 10 minutes walk from the main station) and Amsterdam ( Vondel park).

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