Piano and music lessons in The Hague

Do you want to learn how to play the piano? Have you been thinking about taking music lessons? It is well possible that you think you will need lots of free time to achieve your goals. Perhaps you are reluctant to start taking lessons, because you suspect you will lose motivation soon? Don’t wait. Start now!

The lessons take place in a relaxed atmosphere, no rush, no stress. My method of teaching will motivate you to continue taking lessons, without the pressure of deadlines. The lessons will require exactly the amount of time you have available. So it’s you who sets the pace!

Playing piano, and making music in general, is emotion. Not science. You can’t learn it from a book, you learn by doing it. The most important aspect is having fun with what you’re doing. Without fun, results will stay in the loom. I am not only convinced that everybody can learn how to play the piano, but that everyone can have fun having piano lessons, regardless the level of expertise. And I would like to help you out with that!

All ages, all levels

I teach total beginners (of all ages), intermediate and advanced students. I believe that, besides practice, fun and enthusiasm in playing piano is key. Everybody can learn to play the piano on their level. Not everybody is Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Glenn Gould, Yori Egorov or Yosuke Yamashita, but everybody can have fun playing piano and enjoying piano lessons.

Introductory lesson

So, rounding up, have you always had the wish to start playing, but never took the step? I then hereby invite you to make an appointment for an introductory lesson in my studio. In this 45 minute lesson, we will get acquainted and will discuss all the possibilities for your tailor-made lessons. Of course there is time to ask questions, but most of all, we will have a real (first) piano lesson.

The price of the introductory lesson is €25,00. When you decide to start taking lessons, you will be refunded the fee for the introductory lesson.

Contact me

Please feel free to send me an email with any questions you may have. Because chances are that I am in a lesson, I often won’t be able to answer the phone. But you can always send me a message: +31 6 1979 2358


Hope to meet you soon!

~ Fred